WWE Sampler

Vol. 2

Located in the heart of Nashville, WaterWorks Entertainment offers a variety of services including recording, publishing, promotion, artist websites, and more.

Our studio offers a full Pro Tools and Logic Pro suite with a nice assortment of mics, mic preamps, and outboard gear, as well as a midi suite.

Our publishing company hosts a stellar roster of Indie Rock, Pop, Electronica, Americana and more. We specialize in placing music in film and tv, as well as do heavy promotion for our published artists.

We offer marketing services, as well as web-design services for musicians. We can help you promote your next record or simply help grow your fan base.

Our online record shop hosts a unique assortment of albums that any indie enthusiast will find delightful. There you will also find cool goodies such as hats, shirts, stickers, bags, and more.

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