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Zelazowa - Elephants on a Mousehunt
zelazowa - elephants on a mousehunt - cover [front].jpeg

WWE Studios had the pleasure of recording Zelazowa's 3rd studio album, Elephants on a Mousehunt. Zelazowa is an alternative rock band from Philadelphia & the creators of, the FREE music venues database & show booking resource. 

*Featured Track: You Say Love 

Shrug - Whole Hog for the Macho Jesus
shrug - whoe hog - cover [front].jpeg

WWE Publishing is pleased to count Shrug among it's artist roster! Formed in the late 90s, Shrug has released over 10 albums, EPs, & singles. Whole Hog for the Macho Jesus, the band's 3rd studio album, is a fan favorite!

*Featured Track:

 All Around the Underworld

The Future Laureates - Your Mom Would Like Us
the future laureates - your mom would like us - cover [front].jpeg

WWE Studios had the pleasure of recording The Future Laureates' debut album, "Your Mom Would Like Us." Their music is just plain fun. It's catchy, poppy, and at times quirky with a little something for everyone.

*Featured Track:


rosemary - the fabulous life of - cover [front].jpg

WWE Studios is owned and operated by ROSEMARY. The Fabulous Life Of... was ROSEMARY's first indie rock/pop solo EP. The song, "Altazar" has been featured in "Abbey of Thelema," a movie about Aleister Crowley. "The Swim" is set to be featured in an upcoming political documentary.

*Featured Track:

 The Swim

Guy Farmer - Guy Farmer [self-titled]
guy farmer - guy farmer [self-titled] - cover [front].tiff

WWE Studios had the pleasure of recording Guy Farmer's self-titled debut album and is pleased to count him among the WWE Publishing artist roster! Guy has been working on some new material and we are getting really excited about his new album's release!

*Featured Track:

 Biggest Crime

Jordan Hull - Jordan Hull [self-titled]
jordan hull - jordan hull [self-titled] - cover [front].jpeg

WWE Studios had the pleasure of recording Jordan Hull's self-titled debut album. Jordan is without a doubt one of the most talented songwriters we have ever had the pleasure of working with! Check out his discography on Bandcamp.

*Featured Track: 'Cause I Know

The Black Cadillacs - All Them Witches
the black cadillacs - all them withces - 1st cover [front].jpg

WWE Studios had the pleasure of recording The Black Cadillacs' debut album, All Them Witches. They've been featured in several major network TV shows like, ABC's Nashville, CBS's CSI, USA's White Collar (featuring the track, "Something to Shake") and Unnecessary Roughness, as well as multiple feature films and documentaries.

*Featured Track:

 Something to Shake

Kevin Hyfantis & the Bishops Band - Carnival Authority
kevin hyfantis and the bishops band - carnival authoirty - cover [front].png

WWE Studios had the pleasure of recording Kevin Hyfantis & the Bishops Band's 2nd studio album, Carnival Authority. Kevin Hyfantis and the Bishops Band have opened up for a few major acts, and Kevin also plays in the southern rock band, The Dirty Guv'nahs.

*Featured Track:

 The Monkey and She

Waked Lunch - Retro-go-go! - Album Cover [Front].png

Waked Lunch is a primarily instrumental project that has had several placements in film and various commercial projects. In the vein of Ween, each album has its own unique theme and can cover lots of different genres including exotica, electronic, orchestral, jazz, southern swing, rock, industrial and more. Waked Lunch are WWE Publishing's in-house sound design and film composition team.

*Featured Track:

 Strikin' Out

e-banditos - The T.P. Sessions
e-banditos - the T.P. Sessions - Album Cover [Front].png

Two Piece electronica outfit, e-banditos, formed in the summer of 2006, while ROSEMARY was recording and visiting Flyaway Minion. Brian Greaney, keyboard player for the Minion had been working on some instrumentals of his own. Riddled with downtempo electronica beats, ROSEMARY was touched by the gods, or some strange brew, and told to write these words on paper. ROSEMARY scrounged around for some paper, but alas only toilet paper could be found. Thus came about "the TP Sessions."

*Featured Track:

 Awake for this Moment

*For a complete list of CLIENTS & CREDITS, click here.

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