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License music for film/TV and other commercial projects!

Licensing info:


If you have a film/tv or other commercial project that needs music, you need look no further! WaterWorks Entertainment is pleased to offer dozens and dozens of artists' music for you film/TV/commercial project needs. If you hear something you like, just contact us via the contact form and we can work with you on getting music into your project.


Also, our in-house production and composition team, Waked Lunch, is happy to compose original music for your film.  While we prefer to score to the actual film, we can accommodate you, whether your film is already pieced together or not. The main benefit of scoring to film, is that it allows us to accent simple motions in a musical way. For example, placing a violin stab, right when a door shuts or opens. Music can make or break a film, and we are proud to offer superior scoring via our own commercial studio, WaterWorks Entertainment Studios. If you're on this site, you've probably noticed that we have a fully functional professional studio that we have access to 24/7, so if you need a last minute edit, we can take care of it, within minutes! We are also happy to help with any post-production work your film project may need. We have amassed a huge selection of sound clips and loops, including purchased clips from major motion picture studios, as well as, a massive library we have created ourselves. In short, we can help with ALL of your sound needs for your film project.

Looking for instrumental pieces? Hop over to Waked Lunch's "Collections" page and browse music by genre, theme, mood, instrumentation, and more!

Previous Placements:

WWE has placed music in several films, tv shows, podcasts, and various commercial projects. We have worked with both independent filmmakers as well as major networks like CMT, MTV, ABC, and more! 

You can find out relatively complete credits listing here.

Make Out with Violence - Film Cover.png
Trapped - Film Cover.png
Blink - Film Cover.png

WWE Artist Roster

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Available for immediate licensing

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WWE Affiliated Artists

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Waterworks radio

Listen to lots of different projects WaterWorks Entertainment has been involved with. WWE's owner/operator, Rosemary has produced, engineered, sang, played, written, or contributed something to every track in this playlist. For a complete list of credits, or to find out what role she played in these songs, visit the "CREDITS" tab. Enjoy!



To submit materials to WaterWorks Entertainment, please mail your album/press kit/and any other materials to:

WWE Publishing

c/o WaterWorks Entertainment

P.O. Box 120333 

Nashville, TN 37212

Or you can contact us via the form HERE to request a submission. Please do not send mp3s in your email. We prefer direct links to where music can be previewed or downloaded such as your band's website, soundcloud, bandcamp, dropbox, etc. 


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