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Get info on WWE Studios, Publishing, Artist Services, and more!

WAKED LUNCH - Official Website

WWE's in-house film/TV/commercial composition team. *Immediate licensing available, or contact us for a custom musical piece for your project.

ROSEMARY - Official Website

Find music, videos, and more from ROSEMARY and all of her musical projects.

ROSEMARY - Credits & Curriculum Vitae

Check out ROSEMARY, the owner/operator of WWE, and review her qualifications, certifications, client list, discography and more!!

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WaterWorks Entertainment

P.O. Box 120333

Nashville, TN 37212

Tel: 1-615-594-4040



To submit materials to WaterWorks Entertainment, please mail your album/press kit/and any other materials to:

WWE Publishing

c/o WaterWorks Entertainment

P.O. Box 120333 

Nashville, TN 37212

Or you can contact us via the form at the bottom of the PUBLISHING page to request a submission. Please do not send mp3s in your email. We prefer direct links to where music can be previewed or downloaded such as your band's website, soundcloud, bandcamp, dropbox, etc. 

WWE Samplers

Recent Releases

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